Best Places To Visit in North Africa 2022 (Top Places)

Best Places In North Africa 2022


DO you Want to Travel? Have Fun, With Little Budget? Find Cheap Hotels, Good Food, and Welcoming People! This article will be Your Best Guide.

The Benefits Of Going to North Africa :

1- it Doesn’t Require a VISA ( Most of Them Are Visa Free)

2- for An European Person or a North American, Everything Will be so Affordable For You.

3- Amazing Cultures, Nice Food, Welcoming People ‘North African People are so Polite, they Love Strangers’

4- In a Small Geographic place, You can Find good Beaches, Mountains, Desert, Rivers.

5- They Have an interesting History .

so Let’s Get Started Wit the most beautiful cities in north africa



1- Sidi Bou Said

This Place Will Make You feel as if you Are in Greece. Sidi Bou Said located about 20 km from the capital, Tunis. And it is a tourist attraction and is known for its extensive use of blue and white. This is A place That Can Make You Relax, While You Drink a Coffee and Enjoy The View, While Trying Some Sweet Things There like ‘Bambalouni’ Or Something Spicy as a Snack. Also A good Place For Shopping While a Lot of artisan and handicraft Sellers gather There.

2- Djerba

You Will Love This Island, its unique architectural theme, The People There, How the Jewish and Muslims Live in Peace, it’s A Very Calm Place, You will See some Camels There and One of the best Hotels with A good Service, Amazing sandy beaches and beautiful peaceful and silent countryside.

3- Carthage

If You Love History This is a Perfect Place For You, To Stand Where Hannibal and Elisa used to Live. and This is where All ships crossing the sea had to pass between Sicily and the coast of Tunisia, where Carthage was built, affording it great power and influence. The Carthaginians, like their Phoenician forefathers, were highly successful traders who sailed the Mediterranean with their goods, and such was their success that Carthage became the richest city in the ancient world.

5- The Desert

The Sahara is a unique landscape that stretches over much of North Africa and conjures up images of sand dunes and starry skies. A visit to the Sahara Desert is an excellent opportunity for adventurous Tunisian tourists and offers unique experiences that cannot be found at any 5-star Hotel.


1-High Atlas – Paradise For Trekkers

A Perfect Place To Start and Better Being There in Winter, is This Place, High Atlas Mountains, Out of all the best places to visit in Morocco, this one is so beautiful that it will take your breath away! Get your hiking shoes out and set off on a journey you’ll remember for life!


Chefchaouen – also known as the blue city is a small town in a huge landscape. Amongst all the Morocco cities to visit, this one is popular for solo travelling and exploring the town’s famous blue and white painted houses.

3- Rabat – Stunning Capital City

This is A perfect Place if You Wanna Learn More About the Moroccan Culture, The city has a new portion, which has wide boulevards and outdoor cafes, and the old town or medina, which has fortified walls. With so much that it offers to tourists of all ages and nationalities, you must make sure you don’t skip this place off your itinerary!

4-Aït Ben Haddou – Ancient Ruins

One of the must see places in Morocco, Ksar Aït Ben Haddou is an ancient village that is home to a number of houses that have been built on a hillside. This destination happens to be one of the most beautiful places that one has ever seen. Most of the village has been abandoned in the present day and has been left for the tourists to explore. The film set of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Gladiator’, this place teleports one to the golden days.


While Casablanca might not be as atmospheric as the other cities, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Morocco, and the ideal representation of modernity. The city’s stunning moresque buildings, which meld the French-colonial design with the traditional Moroccan style, is the best thing to admire here. Owing to its awesome food and architecture, it is definitely among the best places to travel in Morocco.



Constantine is a natural phenomenon that has converted over the times into a stunning spot for excursionists. The megacity was the Capital of Numidia and after that Roman Numidia and it goes without saying that politics and power have always played a part then. The maturity of structures in the megacity can only be reached by crossing the ground across a large flume. This gives the megacity a feeling of fantasy that has been retained since the time of the Romans. Despite the unique way the megacity looks, and its astonishing history, there isn’t important to see then in terms of magnet and excursionists may find that a couple of days then’s enough.


Bejaia is situated on Algeria’s Mediterranean coastline and this is the city’s primary attraction for tourists. The history of the city is expansive and has been settled by the Vandals, Byzantines and Ottoman Turks. The museum in the city has various artifacts to prove this turbulent history. In addition to the museum there is also an impressive Spanish fortress and the so called ‘Monkey Peak’ which is home to the endangered Barbary Macaque monkey.


Timgad is the expensive ruins of an entire Roman town. The ruins are a little overwhelming at first but reward those that take the time to explore every row and road. There is an entrance fee but it is well worth it for what is arguably one of the most stunning Roman ruin sites in the world. Nothing else in Algeria will prepare you for the vastness of the Roman ruins in Timgad.


Algiers is the capital of beautiful mosques and has a rare beauty situated within itself. It is an important landmark of the Muslim community. Algiers is a metropolitan city with modernity engulfing it from all sides. There are disoriented architecture which makes this place worth visiting.