5 Things You Don’t Know Them About Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy has established himself as one of the most popular superstars in WWE history.

With his colorful make-up, violent attacks, and unique personality, the former WWE champion has attracted a crowd of fans who cheer him at every appearance.
Outside the WWE, he had success in Impact Wrestling, where he was world champion.

Hardy was absent for a few weeks after his loss to Randy Orton at Hell In A Cell, but he will return this Tuesday at SmackDown Live where he will face Samoa Joe.

Before his return, here are 5 things you (probably) didn’t know about the charismatic enigma that is Jeff Hardy.

#1. He has never won at Summerslam.
Despite being WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, European Champion and Tag Team Champion, Jeff Hardy seems to be missing one thing: a win at Summerslam.
Hardy has gone 0-7 with wins at Summerslam. His first defeat was in 1999, when he and his brother Matt lost in a Tag Team Turmoil.

His last defeat was this year, when he was defeated by Shinsuke Nakamura in their US title match.

Interestingly, Jeff had only one win at WrestleMania, with a 1-5 record in the annual mega-show, better than Summerslam, but not much better.

#2 He was involved in the “hotel room” incident.
Not many fans know about the hotel room incident, but it is described in the autobiography “Adam Copeland on Edge” (a great read).

According to Edge, it happened in the middle of the Attitude Era, when the Hardyz faced the Dudleyz and Edge and Christian.

The story goes that the Hardyz and E&C (along with Chris Jericho) were sharing a hotel room in the middle of winter, and Edge and Jeff dared each other to jump out of a two-story window onto a big pile of snow.

The two did so, followed by Matt, Christian, and Jericho, dressed only in boxers.

Unfortunately, none of them had a key to the room, so the superstars had to ask for it in the hotel lobby.

#3 He is an artist
Outside of wrestling, every superstar has a hobby he indulges in, and for Jeff Hardy it is creating art.

Most impressive is Hardy’s ability to create works of art while keeping up with his travel schedule.

He is also very passionate about music and has his own band, Peroxwhy?gen, in which Jeff taught himself to play guitar.

The band released their debut album Plurality of Worlds on TNAMusic in 2013 and their second album Within The Cygnus Rift in 2015.

#4. They like dirt bikes and building volcanoes.
Ask any fan what Jeff Hardy’s moves are and they will tell you that the Carolina native is never afraid to take risks and is a real brawler.

This seems to be the case outside the ring as well, as Jeff Hardy is a motocross enthusiast and got his first motorcycle at the age of 13.

As a teenager, the future champion took his love to the next level and built a volcano (with real fire!), which Hardy then rode.

Despite the serious injury that recently broke Jeff Hardy’s leg, his love for dirt bikes did not diminish.

#5 His name was Keith Davis.
Jeff Hardy’s name is synonymous with wrestling and success in championships.

But before that happened, Jeff Hardy was a one-night wrestler as Keith Davis.

In his WWE debut in 1994, Jeff, like his brother, was used as a jobber to bring in established talent.

That night, Razor Ramon was supposed to face Keith Davis (the real one), who backed out at the last second.

Instead of changing the name card, Jeff competed as Keith Davis, even though he was only 16 years old.