chasing financial freedom – the easy way to achieve that


7. Negotiate for Goods and Services

Many Americans hesitate to negotiate for goods or services because they fear that it will make them appear cheap. This fear can be overcome and you will save thousands of dollars each year. Small businesses are more open to negotiation. This means that you can get discounts by buying bulk or positioning yourself to be a repeat customer.


8. Keep informed about financial issues

To ensure that adjustments and deductions are maximized every year, you should review any changes to tax law. Follow financial news and developments and adjust your portfolio accordingly. Unsophisticated investors can be preyed upon by fraudsters looking to make quick buck. Knowledge is the best defense against them.


9. Keep Your Property in Good Condition

Property care makes it last longer, from cars and lawnmowers to clothes and shoes. It’s a smart investment that will last a lifetime.


You will learn to distinguish between what you want and what you actually need.

10. Live below your means

Living a frugal lifestyle is about focusing on living a happy life and doing less. It’s not difficult. Many wealthy people lived below their means before they became rich.


It’s not difficult to live a minimalist life. This is simply about learning to differentiate between what you need and what you want, and then making small changes that can make a big difference in your financial health.


11. Get a Financial Advisor

Once you have accumulated enough wealth, you can either liquid assets cash or any other easily convertible assets property or any other non-cash assets. A financial advisor will help you keep on the right track.


12. Take Care of Your Health

Proper maintenance applies to your body too. Taking good care of your health can have a positive impact on your financial health.


It is easy to invest in your health. This means regular visits to the dentist and seeking out health advice for any issues you may have. Simple lifestyle changes such as exercising more and eating a healthier diet can help many medical problems.


Poor health maintenance can have both short-term and long-term financial consequences. Many companies offer limited sick days. This means that income is lost once the days have been used up. Insurance premiums can skyrocket due to obesity and other dietary diseases. Poor health could lead to early retirement and a lower monthly income for the rest your life.

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