chasing financial freedom – the easy way to achieve that


1. Set life goals

What does financial freedom mean to you? Although everyone has a desire to achieve financial freedom, it’s not a realistic goal. It is important to be specific about the amount and when you will achieve them. You have a better chance of reaching your goals if you are more specific.

These are the three goals: 1) What your lifestyle demands; 2) How much money you need in your bank account to make it possible; 3) When is the deadline for saving that amount?


Next, work backwards from your deadline date to your current date and create financial mileposts at regular intervals. Make sure to write down all deadlines and amounts, and keep the goal sheet in your financial binder.


2. Create a monthly budget

It’s the best way to ensure that all bills are paid and your savings are on track. You will also be more likely to stick to your budget and achieve your goals.


3. Completely Pay off Credit Cards

Wealth-building is not possible with high-interest consumer loans and credit cards. It is important to make it a habit of paying off your entire balance each month. Students loans, mortgages and similar loans have lower interest rates. It is not necessary to pay them off immediately. It is important to pay these lower interest loans on time. On-time payments will help build a good credit score.


4. Automate Savings

First, take care of yourself. Enroll in your employer’s retirement plan and make full use of any Emergency Fund. You should also be aware that tax-advantaged retirement accounts have rules that make it difficult for you to access your cash if you need it. This account should not be your only emergency fund.

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