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Millions of viewers were introduced to John Combe when they watched Season 4, Episode 6 of the HGTV show “Home Town,” titled “The Sky’s the Limit.” The episode premiered on February 16 in 2020, viewers were able to see that in the credits afterward there was a note that read, “In loving memory of John Combe.” Also, Erin Napier, one hosts of the show tweeted to her account on Twitter that Combe was dead and she was “heartbroken.”

What is real about Combe who had an impact on many viewers? There’s very little information regarding his life and his family aside from what he revealed during the taping. Combe said that his father had served employed in the Air Force and his family was scattered across the globe as he grew to be a teenager. For the last 10 years before the time of his passing, Combe lived in Belize which is a country in the Northeast coast of Central America.

ohn Combe’s episode on “Home Town” was called “The Sky’s the Limit” because Combe stated to the hosts Erin as well as Ben Napier, “Money’s not an issue for me. The sky is your limit.” Combe was referring the open budget for the house that he just bought and would like the Napiers to remodel within Laurel, Mississippi. Combe worked along with Erin along with Ben to purchase the 1950s-era home to serve as a second home for the couple. Based on Ben Napier the home was purchased for $199,000 , and contained 3 bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms spread across 3000 acres of land. Renovations cost around $150,000 according to Erin.

Combe was also able to tell Erin as well as Ben that he was sick of living in large cities, and that Laurel is a home that allows him to relax and relax. In his description of the features that he wanted in a home He also emphasized his need for spaciousness. “I cook so I like a fairly nice kitchen, fairly modern but I like the industrial look,” he stated.

in Memory of John Combe

Tragically, John Combe, who was born on May 23 1949, passed away at the age of 44 on April 4,, of natural causes in a medical facility located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, about 30 miles from Laurel. Combe was 70. There are condolences from the viewers on “Home Town” on Twitter and other sites such as Echovita which include Combe’s death obituary.

In addition , to having the distinction of being the very first “Home Town” client with an unlimited renovation budget the real story of Combe has to do with the fact that he seemed incredibly sincere in his love for his family, the Napiers as well as the city he wanted to make his new home. “I fell in love with Ben and Erin. They’re just two very special people, and I love the little town of Laurel,” Combe stated. The actor also expressed his perspective of life through statements like “I love change. If you don’t change, life is stagnant.”