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What process or product innovation do you think of as significant in the world of the world of e-commerce?

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Product innovation is the process of creating new products or better versions of existing ones which increase their use. The innovation could be inherent to the product’s function or take the form of technology that is new.

Amazon along with eBay are the two first two marketplaces to take advantage of e-commerce to purchase and sell mass-market goods on the internet.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Being able to recognize your visitors and offering individual product recommendations can create an unforgettable shopping experience and impress potential customers. Let’s use Segmentify as an illustration. It’s an intelligent product recommendation engine which promises its clients at least 10% growth in revenue. Through a variety of implementations of various campaigns, you can improve sales, conversion rates from repeat customers, purchases, decrease the number of abandoned carts and bounce rates.

When making recommendations for products when recommending products, it is essential to keep analyzing your results and make adjustments according to the preferences of your clients.

Social-commerce, a Subset of E-commerce

Naturally, the term “social commerce” refers to using social media for shopping online transactions.

Social media is a part of our daily routines. This is a major change in the buyer-seller environment. Brands remain in contact with their customers through popular social networks in order to build an intimate relationship. The most advanced technological features are built into social media platforms that help to reduce the buying process. In the near future the one-click “Buy” button will likely be adopted by all social media platforms.

The combination of e-retail with social media has led to growing marketplaces that are P2P. Facebook along with Instagram are among the most prominent examples.

Finally, we have the facts is that the social e-commerce growth rate is expected to grow by 25% in the next five years, to comprise more than 25% of the overall online retail market.


Making use of apps for tablets and smartphones to sell and purchase products is called mobile-commerce, or, more specifically called”m-commerce. Nowadays, the proportion of people who use mobile devices is half of all internet traffic. This means that it is vital that online retailers adjust to mobile screens and, in some instances they even create a separate app with the goal of contacting these customers and tracking mobile eCommerce trends.

The mere presence of a site or mobile application is not a guarantee of success. It is crucial to ensure that you offer the most satisfying online shopping experience for your customers. Retention and engagement of customers are the most important indicators to concentrate on.

Mobile customers are particular, which means that even the slightest thing can change their minds and cause them to purchase from a rival. In addition, the advanced features that are integrated into mobile apps introduces certain new rules of the game. The creation of gadgets like Beacons as well as Dash Buttons actually showed the benefits of having a branding mobile application for e-commerce. These devices generate an interest and engagement in the mobile app, which in final result increases the sales.

E-wallets and New Payment Integrations

Electronic wallets make it easier to pay for the process. Online services such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe along with Google Wallet allow for easy electronic transactions. Furthermore, digital wallets are able to be synced with accounts at banks. The information, as well as your driver’s identification number, health card, etc could be saved on the phone.

Chatbots – New Virtual Support Service

Chatbots (known by the name of a chat agent) is a software tool which mimics human interaction through a written or spoken manner. It is possible to present it as a chatbot on websites or chatbot application or social media chatbot and even an assistant for voice.

The benefit of this kind of technology is that it reduces costs and time by automatizing customer support within an online-based marketplace all hours of the day. A further benefit is that it creates leads and consequently, income by collecting initial information about the customer. Additionally, chatbots are able to direct a potential customer to the content they are the most intrigued by.

Voice Assistants – Modified Word of Mouth

Voice search is frequently used in the Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Cortana from Microsoft that also incorporate NLP technology. In the realm of virtual e-commerce, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Alexa, voice assistants have experienced significant growth in popularity. It is possible to buy goods directly from Amazon via voice commands. In addition, it rapidly locates bargains and can make food delivery orders from local eateries.