How to get a pretty sugar Mummy (Do this if you are Broke)


It’s actually not as hard and common as people believe. The problem is that very few women are willing to admit or boast about being a sugar momma lol. A lot of women don’t even admit that they’re actually sugar mummies , however, there are women who have money to spend and are able to spend money on males. I’ve had several relationships with sugar mommies from the age of 19 to at 28, when it’s funny was that I didn’t really need their money. I run my own company and was born into a sort of upper class, with a good family. This is why I do it occasionally simply because I’m able to, since usually it’s women who behave that way with me . It’s as a result of being alone and emotionally distant.

You should set a goal and be emotionally detached. Imagine yourself as an object as a performer, an artist and an adventurer. If you are able to do this, it’s quite easy. As a man sugar child is an issue of mentality. If you have a wonderful sugar mama but you’re still not prepared for it, it’s an accident.

You must take your own care and stay well-groomed. Make sure you look elegant, get a good haircut, dress nicely and smell nice. So, even if aren’t wealthy do not be afraid to make an investment in your self. Because it’s a good investment and attractive looks will open doors.

However, not the majority of sugar moms are than 40 + and I am able to tell that I’ve met 20-something sugar mommies. But sugar mummies who are young can to be a problem, and it’s best to stay clear of them the majority of the time. Not only businesswomen, but also CEOs can count as sugar mothers. I’ve had sugar babies/side girls of wealthy men who were my sugar mothers. Additionally, I have had escorts from sugar mummies or sexfriends, or both.

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