What are some of the best NFTs to invest in right now?


Axie Infinity

Axiesare the creatures that are used to play the renowned Blockchain-based games Axie Infinity. You require 3 Axies in order to participate, and as the platform gains more players, the cost of Axies will increase naturally. Axies cost a bit more or less based on their features, however you can get one in the present for about $200.

Bored Ape Yacht Club – Yuga Labs

Bored Ape Yacht Clubis like CryptoPunks in that the NFTs are often used for avatars on the internet. The project includes cartoon apes, each with its own features and rarities. the most affordable Apes cost around 140 euros ($400,000). A year ago, you could be able to get an Ape at a price of around 1ETH which makes this project one of the most highly-priced NFT collectibles on the market. Since its beginning, BAYC has airdropped token holders Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs, which have attained floors of 10 Ether and 40 ETHrespectively. Bored Ape Yacht Club also hosts exclusive events exclusively specifically for holders of tokens, including an exclusive concert with The Strokes and Lil Baby in New York City.

Meebits – Larva Labs

Meebitswas developed in the year 2000 by Larva Labs — the same company behind CryptoPunks. At the time of its release, Meebits sold for around 2.4 ETH. The current prices vary between 5 ETH all the way to hundreds of ETH according to the quality of the Meebit. Meebits are designed to be utilized in the metaverse since they’re three-dimensional characters that can be utilized in open-world blockchain-based applications.

Proof of Beauty Studios

The Proof of Beauty is an ingenuous NFT project that focuses on exploring and celebrating the rich historical background of Ethereum blockchain. Proof of Beauty’s initial NFT project, known as HASH lets users take their personal and historic blockchain transactions and transform them into stunning NFT artworks. From Vitalik’s initial Ethereum transactions to JayZ’s Cryptopunk purchase The algorithm of Proof of Beauty incorporates the transaction’s metadata into color palettes, forms and textures. The second collection of Proof of Beauty, LONDON, is a sold-out collection of 8,888 art-based generative pieces. Its London gift NFTs became available following the hard fork in the initial transaction following the upgrade to EIP-1559 was an London NFT auction. Proof of Beauty began by recording Ethereum its history. Then, they came up with the idea themselves.

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