Proven Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

woman with a dry skin making a facial treatment

in a world where we are adamantly focused on youth I’ll say that I’m not delighted when an esthetician or even a stranger, believes that I’m either 25 or 26. As a 30-something cosmetics editor I’m more focused on how my skin looks at any given time and what it’s doing to the frantic mix of my environment (hello frigid temperatures) as well as high levels of stress (I really need to take a nap) as well as the new products I’m testing (have seen this year’s TZR Beauty Awards?). My skin care routine that hydrates is what I use during the winter months as my complexion is most susceptible to inflammation which may manifest as breakouts dryness, redness, irritation, or simply general irritation.

What have I learned during my nearly decade as a true skin care expert? In order to maintain your skin’s moisture barrier (that’s the layer on top of your skin that blocks trans-epidermal moisture loss and blocks out harmful bacteria) you must find the perfect combination of products that are compatible with your specific skin’s needs. However, in winter months, the standard thread for a good regimen for skin care is the following: humectants that draw water and keep it in your skin, as well as an emollient to soften your skin and seal the moisture-rich goodness. If you suffer of Eczema (I suffer from it all over my wrists and on my hands I don’t feel shame) Add an ingredient that occlusively acts that can be a more powerful water seal that can be used to treat extreme dryness (but it can be comedogenic, which means it could block your pores, and is recommended to use it only sparingly).

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